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Development & Project Management


"We are a business that challenges convention, always asks the question why and seeks to manage projects in a totally holistic way – we are equally interested in finding that Winning Strategy that puts our clients ahead of the competition."

Craig Myers – Director of Roscoe


Development Management

Roscoe view our early involvement in any project as the precursor to full and effective project management. At the early stage of any project, the ability to provide effective Development Management services can ‘make or break’ a project.

Our Development Management service is centred on ‘driving through’ the right design and build solution to maximise development profit. We ensure money is not spent on ‘no value’ items or over-design.

As part of our Development Management service, Roscoe have developed a project re-engineering concept called REMAP. This is aimed at re-engineering projects at the early design stage in order to reduce cost, reduce client risk and improve the design to build concept, all of which is centred around an optioneering approach to establish project viability.

Our ability to establish and improve project viability allows us to provide a comprehensive Bid Management service leading and compiling bids from advertisement to submission. Whether clients are seeking funding for a proposed scheme or appointment to an existing one, our experienced bid managers use the very latest bespoke bid management systems and work closely with our clients and appointed professionals to develop a Winning Bid Strategy from the outset.

Project Management

Professional Project Management has lost its way over recent years with an over emphasis placed on liability and protecting the status quo, resulting in long-winded tick box project management systems without human interface. This has resulted in ineffective project management with less responsibility and little decision making, often leading to late delivery and increased cost.

We offer a bespoke Project Management service which is fully tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our project control systems are sufficiently robust, but not overly bureaucratic allowing us more time and flexibility to get the job done on time and to budget.

To increase cost certainty, our experienced project managers implement risk management systems as soon as we are appointed on a project, running risk management workshops with the rest of the project team to identify the key risks and associated mitigation/control measures. Furthermore, we have developed the concept of the embedded supply chain. This integrates suppliers/installers into the design team, injecting knowledge into the project pre-tender via design/supply chain workshops to control risk and provide cost certainty within the procurement stage.

Our teams of experienced project managers inject enthusiasm and total commitment into every project undertaken. Their exceptional people management skills, knowledge and innovative approach allow them to successfully lead dynamic collaborative teams through the various stages of the development process from inception to completion on site.

As part of our project management service we provide:

  • Project control and co-ordination
  • Programme planning and management
  • Risk management
  • Employers agent/Client representative
  • Contract administration
  • Design management
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic analysis and advice
  • Consultant and contractor selection
  • Tender management
  • Procurement and contract advice
  • Supply chain management
  • Value engineering (SMART)